Liza Minnelli

Space Shuttle Atlantis comes home safely after taking  its final launch, ending a 30 year era into space.

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Michael Bloomberg The Jewish Racketeer

New York City Protesters

   Political Activist/Perverted Artist Suzannah B. Troy

Liza Minnelli is honored in France!

Sheldon Silver’s Girl Friday is a Monster!

Judy Rapfogel

Lorne Michael’s created this monster! Read More

Tracy Morgan is not funny, he's just an uneducated low life, who Lorne Michael's decided to make famous.  He was just a project in Lorne Michael's production lab!  He's a real creep that has no feelings.  

I wouldn't call him a comedian, no, no, no, he's not a comedian because he has no material and he's not funny.  He acts more like a street thug!

Rupert Murdock

James Murdock

Rebekah Brooks

Editor Rebekah Brooks

“You heard about how juicy an Oscar Myer Weiner is, now, you can here about how juicy an Anthony Weiner is, pass the mustard and relish, a little sauerkraut, please!”

World News Reporter Sean Hoare killed himself over his involvement in the phone hacking Scandel

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Sicko Levi Aron, 30, killed 8 year old Brooklyn boy, Leiby Kletzky and shocked the Hasidic community in Borough Park, it’s the safest part of Brooklyn in the Orthodox Jewish Neighborhood.  Levi Aron, drugged, smothered, and dismembered the boy.  “It is every parent’s worst nightmare, “ said, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Levi Aron, 30 year old

Leiby Kletzky, 8 year old

Old Man Rupert Murdoch, 80,  and his son James Murdoch, 39,  are being questioned about sabotaging phone lines and listening in on voicemails and hacking peoples privacy at World News in London.     The beautiful young Chinese girl that is sitting behind Rupert Murdoch is his 3rd wife Wendi Deng Murdoch with whom he has two little daughters, ages 6, 10.


World News Editor

Rebekah Brooks gives her testimony.

Global National Local News Read More

Ron Garan Jr. Flies

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Taylor Armstrong, her husband commits suicide in a Los Angeles home he rented, after she files for divorce Read More


The Westchester News


Global National Local News

Stop Abusing Your Children!


Governor Andrew Cuomo says his Christian values are to “Legalize Gay Marriage.”  Reverend McGuire says it’s about God’s values Read More

Tappan Zee Bridge should be closed down, it is not safe and it can collapse at anytime, the news media has been warning commuters for years about this, said a close source.

Raw Sewage in the Hudson River, they say it’s safe to swim again!!!


In Somalia Africa, why do the women continue to have babies in Somalia, if they know they have no food to feed them?  What is your opinion? COMMENT