Mike Spano, 52, has extremely aged since he is the Mayor of Yonkers.  He is under too much stress being the Mayor, apparently it’s not an easy job calling the shots in City Hall.  Close Sources said, Nick Spano is really running the city behind the scenes.  Nick is the Top man, he’s the “Lobbyist” for the City of Yonkers, Mike is just a front.  Either way, doesn’t anyone care about Mike?  Mike is fading away, he’s diminishing to nothing,

I just wish someone would help him, he use to be such a happy go lucky guy, not anymore, he’s extremely tense all the time since 2012, something is on his mind, said a close source.  

Mike Spano with his beautiful wife Mary Calvi CBS News Anchor and their three beautiful children.  Mike has a wonderful family, he’s a nice guy, what’s going on?

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