Al Pirro, a Lawyer and he’s the husband of Ex-Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, now known as, Fox Network’s strongly opinionated Judge Jeanine, and she should definitely talk about her husband Al Pirro using violence on his girlfriend.

Fox 5 Network Jeanine Pirro with her main man at Fox Geraldo Rivera

Al Pirro, 65-years-old

Geraldo Rivera, 68-years-old, Fox 5 Talk Show Host

Erica Michelle Levy, 28 years-old, married Geraldo Rivera, 60-years-old

Jeanine Ferris Pirro 61, years-old, and her husband Al Pirro, 65, years-old kissing, how cute they are together

Fox 5 Network CEO Rupert Murdoch, age 81, married to Wendi Deng Murdoch, 41, years old

These rich older men think to themselves, hey, why should I buy an old dog, when I could afford to have a young puppy, hum?  This is not a normal mentality to go through life with, and all of them have failed at being true to themselves and loyal to each other for the right reasons, and all these couples have in common is they all have  material relationships, and it’s the money that makes them think they’re in love, but, they’re not truly in love.  Take away the money and you’ve got little girls sleeping with old men old enough to be their daddy’s and grandpa’s.  The outrageous thing is that poor men who do this, are put in jail and labeled pedophiles, perverts and sexually disturbed individuals, this is a reality, isn’t it?  The only reason these young woman are smiling in the pictures is for the money, not the man!  Anna Nicole Smith made the concept to marry a rich old man popular among her peers “The gold-diggers” back in the 90’s. 

Anna Nicole Smith and her husband the rich Mr. Howard Marshall kissing, he was 62-years-older then her

Westchester County Real Estate attorney Al Pirro, better known as the lobbyist and Jeanine Pirro’s husband

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Al Pirro was arrested in Connecticut for having a dispute with his girlfriend at the time, a highly successful real estate agent, all charges were dropped.  Al Pirro is still an Attorney in Westchester County.