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Arnold Schwarzenegger another politician knocks up a staffer, this time its the cleaning lady, he has a 13 year old love child.  What else did he forget to mention in the last 13 years?  Honey, darling remember when I told you that I slept through the weekend, it was with that lovely cleaning lady you hired.  Maria Shriver is a beautiful woman, what is wrong with Arnold? He took his wife for granted, shame on him, said a close source.

Bernard P. Pierorazio

This guy is overpaid!

Union workers

are underpaid!

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“We will continue to write stories about Political Public Corruption because that’s what we do here.”

Public Corruption at its Best!

Aaron Hirschman abused his mother Ruth Hirschman and he left her isolated in the dark, fragile, hungry, malnourished, and bruised,  he was not charged! 

Calvin Abramowitz and his wife and his three young sons.

Edward Cox, the Republican Party Chairman sent a political video to The Westchester News, this Democratic Candidate “Jack Davis” is arrogant as he assaults a Cameraman.  Jack Davis is running against Jane Corwin for Congress in the 26th District in Western New York.  Jack Davis is a thug and a coward, said a close source. Watch Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are calling it quits, they’re spitting after 25 years of marriage,  he’s a womanizer.  This is Hollywood! Read More

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News media gathers  outside the house of Mildred Patricia Baena, in Bakersfield, California.  She is the Housekeeper who got knocked up by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Housekeeper

This story is not finished yet, its getting intensely involved like a “Soap Opera” with amazing facts.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, New York City

Calvin Abramowitz is going through a horrible time in his life for being a loving grandson who was truly concerned over his grandmother Ruth being abused and neglected by her son (his uncle) Aaron Hirschman, and Sheldon Silver’s Chief of Staff Judy Rapfogel is his aunt.  Judy Rapfogel has used her political powers to try and paralyze her nephew Calvin from talking to anyone about her dirty little family secret.  Judy rapfogel has tried every dirty trick in the book to discredit Calvin’s good character,  she even had bogus charges put on him, and the Rapfogel’s went even went as far as, her husband threatening Calvin’s life, her husband is the Jewish Council CEO William Rapfogel.  These people are ruthless, they’ve used their political power to have Calvin Abramowitz arrested in New Jersey,  they put false charges on him accusing him of taking his grandmother’s money, and then he even had a lawyer that tried to force him into pleading guilty with a plea bargain, and Calvin told the lawyer that pleading guilty because he’s not guilty, he’s innocent.  We’ll bring you all the details about this intense story.  Calvin Abramowitz did use money that his grandmother gave to him so he could care for her and fixed an apartment in his house for her, she didn’t want to go to a nursing home.  Judy Rapfogel is the one who should be charged, not Calvin, Judy gifted herself her mother’s Manhattan apartment that is worth over a million dollars, and she left her mother living in poverty.  Calvin rescued his grandmother and he took extremely good care of her with the highest respect and dignity. Read More 

The Westchester News Exclusive Story: In Memory of Princess Tiffany this story is about animal abuse that is happening right here and now in Westchester County.  Truth is: “Animal Emergency Clinic’s” are not always a safe place to bring your pets.  They have interns doing the treatments on your pets, said a close source. 

Pet Lovers, this video will make you cry! Watch the Video

Sheldon Silver’s connections to the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty

This Staten Island man, Robert Fitzpatrick, a 60 year old, retired MTA employee, says he knows when the world will end, today is dooms day, a global earthquake will destroy the world at 6p.m. in New York time and midnight in Jerusalem time.  Robert Fitzpatrick, claims he knows when the world will end and he claims he knows when the Rapture will happen. How does he know this?  The Holy Bible says, no one knows the day nor hour that the world will end, not even the angels of heaven, only God knows that day.  Matthew 24:36-44 Read More  Daily News More

Robert Fitzpatrick

Sheldon Silver

Judy Rapfogel

Calvin Abramowitz,  as

a young boy with his grandmother Ruth.

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