Westchester State of the County Address: 

The State of Rob Astorino is this, Astorino is asking Westchester County labor Unions to accept pay cuts and concessions for union workers or else; there will be more layoffs as he prepares his budget for 2012.  He didn’t talk about the high salaries that (Pocket Liners) “Superintendents of Schools” get paid, Yonkers Superintendent of Schools, Bernard P. Pierorazio gets paid over $235,000 per year.  He was chosen Superintendent of the Year by his colleagues for being an inspiration, he’s a role model to all of us Superintendents, said a close source.

Then, Astorino hired Kevin J. Plunkett (he’s the brother of George Pataki’s “Partner” in his law firm) he got the job as Deputy County Executive, another high roller, and the list goes on and on.  Listen, I’m a firm believer that action speaks louder than words, said a close source, soft spoken, Rob Astorino’s next campaign slogan should be, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.”   It sounds like Astorino is too involved with doing favors for his friends, and his priorities are in the wrong places in Westchester County government, he should start balancing the budget from the top down and start by cutting those high salaries, begin there, said a union worker.  Read More  (About the Pocket Liners)

Bernard P. Pierorazio

Kevin J. Plunkett

This guy is overpaid!

Another High Roller being overpaid!

Union workers

are underpaid!

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