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Best Buy Stores hiring Minorities without Diversity

RED FLAG! Stay away from VCA Investor Hospitals (ASC) is one on them, Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers New York has killed more animals then you could imagine! Westchester County Animal Abuse Read More

Publisher Barbara Ricci  National Press Club 2011

Top Story Nick Spano is Indicted! Barbara Ricci is the Publisher of The Westchester News.Com, located in Westchester County, New York.  She established the Westchester Online News,  and after the first year in operation she received the Venture Capital Award for being in the top 10% of 100,000 companies online and became an honorable member of the National Press Club in Washington DC.  Barbara's profile has been in Who's Who's in America for many years.  She has received awards throughout her career as an entertainer, New York Comedian, beauty consultant and businesswoman.  Barbara retired her title of Mrs. Westchester County, New York, USA in the late 90’s.  She also has received the titles, Mrs. Civic Minded, Mrs. Perseverance, and Mrs. Congeniality Of New York State. Barbara Ricci has competed with some of the most influential women throughout New York. She is also a cancer survivor for the last 22 years and she will publish her book this year 2011 “I’m Still Standing.” The Barbara Ricci Story! Read More 

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Do foreigners in America, have no respect for the American people? This is America Speak English!

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Barbara Ricci interviews Ambassador Emvula in this 30 min. documentary Watch! “The Ambassador”

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And You Thought Balloons Have Hot Air! Politicians wear very nice suits.

By Columnist Sal Corrente

“The key to celebrating a Valentine’s Day with Spice, Like, Lust and Love.”  Read More

By Sal Corrente

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Nick Spano Is “Connected to Organized Crime” that is why the FEDs are taking him down, he is the “Lobbyist” who gave contracts to the Mob using taxpayers money and he was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to “Lobby” for organized crime, and he got a lot of cash in kickback money when he was the New York State Senator, said a close source.  Payback is a bitch, he burnt bridges with the wrong people!  Nick Spano deserves every year he gets in federal prison, they don’t get more corrupt than Spano, said a source.  Nick Spano’s life of crime makes the MOB life look like a Big Sainthood!  He’s a creep, said a source.  He screwed with the wrong people.

Baby Swinging is called Yoga, and it's healthy for newborns! This is an amazing story, you should  read it and see the video about Baby Swinging! I think Douglas could use this Yoga instructor as a witness in his defense, and also, I didn't see him push or kick the nurse on camera, therefore, it's he said she said, and the doctor feels the nurses were completely aggressive toward Douglas, I think in the end he will win his case, Janet Difiore, didn't use good judgement in this case because that's not how you treat a proud father either, and that's my opinion!  The baby was and still is fine but what the Northern Westchester Hospital Nurses did was they created an unsafe environment for the infant by provoking the baby's father into a defense mode and they panicked Douglas to react to what they were doing to him.  I think his defense is stronger than the district attorney's and he is going to win in court or the case will be dismissed.  Two wrongs don't make anybody right!  Congratulations to the new parents!  

Douglas Kennedy was arrested for being a proud Father!

Annabi and Jereis Guilty on All Counts

westchester news national local news media on the westchester news

The New York Governor is as corrupt as his friend Ex-Sen.

Nick Spano!

Andrew Cuomo

is connected to Mario Cuomo, Nick Spano, Andy Spano, Mike Spano, Eddie Doyle, Teamsters Local 456 and Ridge Hill.

Dysfunctional Politicians

in New York  are really criminals in expensive suits.

A Simple Plan to be Healthy Read More

Andrew Cuomo is corrupt too!

Valentine’s Day By Sal Corrente Read More

The Love Triangle, who’s involved? Fox News Channel Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro’s husband, Sandy Annabi and Al Pirro are lovers, not Zehy Jeris and Sandy Annabi.  Al Pirro the Italian, and convicted felon likes Arab Women, his Ex-wife Jeanine Pirro “Ferris” is an Arab too, said a source.  No Loyalty!

Douglas, Molly and Baby Bo Kennedy

Breaking News! Read More

Whitney Houston is Dead At 48

Michael Spano, is not innocent either he was involved in his big brother Nick’s business. The FEDS know that Nick Spano is the messenger to all politicians from here to Albany, you do as I say or else, said a source.

Don’t Leave Andy Spano out of this either WATCH VIDEO

Don’t Leave Mike Spano out

of these indictments either WATCH VIDEO

News 12 Westchester, Brian Conybeare and Janine Rose are deeply committed to Nick Spano, Mike Spano, Michael Edelman, Ken Jenkins, Andrew Cuomo, George Pataki, Jeanine Pirro, Andy Spano, Janet DiFiore, Phil Amicone, and many, many more who are responsible for the corruption that is deeply embedded inside Westchester County Government and the news anchors do everything they can to cover up the truth and make these corrupt “Politicians” look like the good guys.  They have been deceiving the “Public” for years. They’re all linked together for one common cause “Corruption”.

Phil Reisman got the scoop on Lohud Read More

The Godfather of Westchester County, Nick Spano.

"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things."

-- Leonardo da Vinci

Anthony Mangone, 37, lives in Purchase, he is the star witness for the FEDS, and he is facing 45 years in prison for being involved in organized crime and bribery. He was involved in government business and working “hand in hand” with Nick Spano, by fixing the elections for Nick Spano and other candidates at the Westchester County Board of Elections. He did not work alone fixing political elections. Mangone is singing like a bird to the FEDS, and more indictments are expected to unfold in the near future as the Federal Prosecutors continue to talk about his  involvement inside Westchester County Government, said a source.

It’s Leap Year.  Indictments 2012


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Marie Osmond’s face looks like a plastic mask! Read More

Struggling Actor Nick Santino kills himself on his 47th birthday, after putting his dog “Rocco” down,  but why?  His rich, greedy, snobby, selfish, landlord forced him to do away with the dog or else! This is such

a sad story to hear about this American actor in New York Read More

Did you watch the show? The Rachael Ray Show,

Thursday, February 16, 2012, 10:00 am, Ch. 7

"New York Time" Barbara Ricci was on the show!

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Bronx River Parkway Crash 7 dead, 3 children Read More

Stop Abusing Your Children!


When is enough enough? Did you ever observe someone who has begotten a job or position just because they helped an elected official campaign during their election, and a job was promised to them or they received a job as a political favor?  When jobs are given in this manor they’re really isn’t anything for them to do as a hired position, and they become bored with the job because they really have nothing to do all day, and it causes them to start using their job authority to invade the lives of others in a way that one might consider it, corruption.  Taxpayers are getting screwed big-time by these elected officials hiring people that really have nothing to do in city hall except collect a paycheck.  Hired officials that ride around the city in an official car, can manipulate the community and not realize that they are over stepping their authority by getting into the business of private individuals because they’re bored, and have nothing to do all day or maybe they just think they have a right to interfere with the business of others and it becomes apparent that they’re abusing their authority and it certainly can be considered a crime. The Westchester News would like to hear from you.  EMAIL US