Former Ex-Senator Nick Spano guilty for Fraud and Federal  Taxation Charges.

Nick Spano sits on the board for these corporations and he

is deeply involved

and embedded in  Cablevision, Empire City Casino and Con Edison. These are the three institutions ripping the public off, big time, and that is exactly what he may do, big time for being

a corrupt politician all these years, these indictments are long over do, and, more are expected to come, said a close source.

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The Godfather of Westchester County, Nick Spano, an Ex-Senator has been indicted on Federal Corruption Charges. He pleaded guilty in Federal Court on Friday, February 10, 2012.  He will be sentence in June, and this is “only” the beginning of the indictments, more are expected to come, said a close source. The Westchester News told you a longtime ago that Nick Spano was going to be indicted by the FEDS, and remember, before the last Election 2011 got started, we told you Mike Spano will be the next Yonkers Mayor, the election was fixed.  The Westchester News, is and always will be about the truth.

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The Godfather of Westchester County

He works as a lobbyist for Gov. Andrew Cuomo


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