Union Leaders Endorsed Mike Spano, union workers did not!  Union Workers are voting for Carlo Calvi.

Mike Spano was promised to be next on the throne, as Yonkers Mayor.  They think that there is no need to go out and vote because the deal is sealed. All the Political Parties are in on it, all the candidates running for office know the deal, that, Mike Spano is the next up for Mayor of Yonkers, but, they thought wrong, and, all of them are paid a lot of money to “lose” in the  Yonkers Mayor’s Election. 

Every candidate affiliated with these “Political Parties” are in the race to mislead the public, and they coverup challenging the numbers, that’s the way they do it at Board of Elections, election fraud is extremely widespread with tremendous involvement on Election Day. Mike Spano is the frog who thinks he’s the next King of Yonkers, he’s over confident because he thinks the fix is in, said a close source.  The Westchester News brings the truth to you on a silver platter, lick your chops, oh man, this election is hot and it’s looking good for us taxpayers in Yonkers! 

Carlo Calvi is going to win this election respectfully because every taxpayer, homeowner, parent, teacher and teamster local 456, and every union member who lives in Yonkers is voting for Carlo Calvi, we endorsed Carlo Calvi for Yonkers Mayor, now, it’s important to get out on Election Day and vote. 

Mike Spano the next king of Yonkers, not a chance he’s not educated or qualified, and he’s on the take with union leaders who sold out union workers, he’s very rich and mentally unstable, said a close source.  He took $100,000 from corrupt union leaders who do nothing for the union workers, they’ve been out of work for many years.

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Michael V. Pene, 27, indicted for rape, he lives in Yonkers, N.Y.


WATCH THIS VIDEO how mentally disturbed Mike Spano is, he’s not fit to run a Mayor’s Office.


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