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Michael V. Pene, 27, indicted for rape, he lives in Yonkers, N.Y.

It’s important to put the safety of the public first by keeping them well-informed, however, our readers think this evacuation with military involvement was over the top at the taxpayers expense.  Did Hurricane Irene prepare us for a much bigger evacuation in the coming days ahead around the metro area? What is this really about?  Does the government think, hum, let’s see if we can fool the public by using mind control by making them experience a normal summer storm with flooding, and we’ll make the public think it’s the worst storm that ever hit New York and New Jersey with the help of the news media.  This was an evacuation drill and nothing more, said a close source.  The South always gets hit with hurricanes, twisters and tropical storms but New York and New Jersey took this opportunity to have an evacuation drill, just in case there is a terrorist attack or another earthquake in this area, said a source.  They can’t be serious about the last 24 hours the public is not stupid. They shut down our bridges, tunnels, roadways, buses, trains, and they evacuated Atlantic City, it sounds like they had an evacuation drill, said a source.  Did Governor Christie and Governor Cuomo discuss their wardrobe for their news conferences? They were wearing the same outfit, right down to the pin on the left side of their sport jackets. It’s time to grow up gentlemen, you’ll want the public to take you more seriously next time, therefore, wear different outfits, it’s very immature to have an inside joke at this time because this is not a football game, said a source.  These two Governors are equal to having Dumb & Dumber govern, it’s exactly like having, George W. Bush as the President of The United States for eight years, he turned America into a 3rd world country.  Think about this, don’t you think that all these roadways flood normally during a storm with heavy rain? No need to second guess yourself, yes, flooding always happens in these areas, down wires, trees falling, Con Edison power outages, accidents, cars stuck in flash floods, and people get electrocuted, it’s nothing new. The government should really use the taxpayers money on fixing the roadways, and then, we won’t have these flooding problems anymore, said a source.  Andrew Cuomo called in 2000 national guard, for what reason to waste more taxpayers money? Don’t they know, the public is not stupid! EMAIL

Hurricane Irene is an overblown Southern Belle

Governor Christie and Governor Cuomo are wearing the same outfits

Video by Jay Wilson

This 22 sec. video is what happens in Bronxville, every time we get heavy rain in this area, this is no surprise, it’s nothing new around here, just heavy rain, it’s the Bronx River at its best in Westchester County, New York.

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