Gordon Burrows is Addicted To Cocaine

Carlo Calvi

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Andrew Cuomo at the Polish Center

November 6, 2011, he had breakfast at the Polish Center on Yonkers Avenue with Mike Spano and his brother Nick Spano, as he announces his endorsement for the candidate Mike Spano who is absolutely not fit to be Mayor.  As you know I helped Andrew Cuomo to get into office, and then I found out how corrupt he is, the last Election he won was definitely fixed, and Cuomo is not liked by the voters, he’s arrogant and look at the people he hangs around with in Westchester County and New York, it’s a fact! Andrew Cuomo doesn’t make a move in Westchester County without discussing it with Ken Jenkins, these people are disgraceful.  Just ask yourself this question, how do you know a man?  You know a man by his friends, look who Andrew Cuomo is sitting with above, another crook Charles Rangel, a politician who steals from the taxpayers, said a close source.  If the FBI is going to clean up this Political Public Corruption in Westchester County, it must be done on Election Day.  Nick Spano is under serious investigation, and he will certainly be indicted soon, said a close source. Andrew Cuomo is not in the clear either he clearly pushed a few wrong buttons, and he also raised a few eyebrows by the company he keeps in Westchester County, most of these politicians he hangs out with will be indicted on Public Corruption charges, said a close source.   

John Murtagh robbed his law partner, and he snubbed the union men at the council meeting, and disrespected Carlo Calvi at a debate saying that Calvi’s wife is on the phone go home!  THE JOURNAL NEWS ENDORSED JOHN MURTAGH! What does that say about this newspaper, they endorse rich corrupt politicians, year after year, they endorsed Gordon Burrows another corrupt politician from Yonkers caught with cocaine up his nose in a parked car upstate, New York.    If the Journal News gets any thinner, they’ll have to call it a flyer.  The news media are sell outs!


I asked you to Vote For Carlo Calvi, why? Well because he is the most qualified to be Mayor! did he win? No he did not.

Why? The Elections are fixed, year after year!

Teamster workers did not back Mike Spano, they backed Carlo Calvi for Mayor, Calvi is an educated businessman.

The 1% “Arrogance” in New York State’s “Politics” they’re definitely involved in Election Voter Fraud!

Ridge Hill is Deeply Under Investigation by the FBI

“Gordon Burrows caught snorting cocaine in a car.”  These are not politicians these are crack heads, liars and cheats, said a close source.

Ernie Davis

Mount Vernon


Ken Jenkins, Former

News 12 Westchester

Occupy Wall Street


The occupy wall street gang said, they refused money from Producer Russell Simmons because he is corporate, Russell has been hanging around the OWS meditating in the circle and just walking around the camp grounds at Zuccotti Park in NYC.  These kids make no sense they’re fighting with Wall Street why, for money? Then, they decide to refuse money from Russell Simmons because he is corporate, they’re getting delusional, and they are costing the taxpayers millions with police overtime.  Somebody better give them a reality check that corporate are the only people with the money, therefore, they better change their minds, and take the money from the Music Producer Russell Simmons, said a close source.   If the swatters continue on this path they will not be fit for society, they are becoming an occult movement and some of them are already delusional, said a close source.

Occupy Wall Street

Russell Simmons

Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks in Stamford, CT.

The Connecticut Network to Abolish the Death Penalty

Jeffrey Deskovic gave a heartfelt Presentation on wrongful convictions on Friday, October 21, 2011, time: 7:30 pm- 10:00 pm, place, Temple Beth E, 350 Roxbury Road, Stamford, CT. 

Jeffrey Deskovic spent 16 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, and this New York Man will tell his story in Stamford as an Advocate for ending the Death Penalty.   Jeffrey was awarded over 6 Million Dollars for being falsely convicted by Westchester County Lawmakers for spending 16 years of his life in jail, he is nothing short of a miracle, his life, his story is so inspiring that I just want to be there to listen to him speak, said a close source.

Jeffrey Deskovic says, “Don’t ever take your life for granted! You never know when it will be taken away from you.” 

Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks Website

Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks Promo Video

Jeffrey Deskovic was awarded over $6 million dollars because he lost 16 years of his life behind bars, and he was physically and mentally abused during those years.  I saw Jeffrey Deskovic yesterday attached to a man who raises my eyebrow, Richard Blassberg, who portrays himself as a lawyer, but really a paralegal, and it always seems he attaches himself to people with lots of money, as he did with New York City Strip Club Owner, Sam Zherka.   Richard Blassberg, befriended Sam Zherka when he visited Martinelli Newspaper where Blassberg worked as a writer,  he knew Sam Zherka had the money to start a newspaper of his own, and the two partnered up and started the Westchester Guardian Newspaper.  Sam Zherka never made a profit with the newspaper when Richard Blassberg was the editor.  Then, Richard Blassberg disappeared and everyone was wondering where is Blassberg, what happened to him?  Well, The Westchester News found him, and guess who he was with, that’s right, none other than Jeffrey Deskovic, and now, Richard Blassberg has attached himself to JD the millionaire, who’s worth is over $6 million dollars.  Richard Blassberg has partnered up with Jeffrey Deskovic in a non-profit venture on 76th street in NYC, they’re getting ready to open an upscale prominent nonprofit office together in midtown’s affluent Jewish Community.  Richard Blassberg is behind the scenes running the show, he’s in control of every move Jeffrey Deskovic makes, to hiring staff, he’s even hiring his former Martinelli Newspaper colleagues, and he is isolating Jeffrey from socializing with his friends.  As I said, Richard Blassberg raises a few eyebrows.  I hope Jeffrey Deskovic is smart enough to realize that Richard Blassberg is an opportunist, said a close source.   Barbara Ricci is the Executive Producer of Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks, both her and Jeffrey produced the show in 2009.  Barbara Ricci said, Jeffrey Deskovic deserves all the success that the world and God can give to him.  Back to the top

Did Jeffrey Deskovic and the former Editor of the Westchester Guardian Newspaper Team Up?

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