Yonkers City Council Vote For Christopher Johnson an Outstanding Young Man in Yonkers, and he is related to Gail Baxter, who is an activist for all people.

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Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, like, voting for the same corrupt politicians again and again.  More endorsements might be coming keep checking back to see the candidates we are endorsing.  

Please ask yourself this question,  do you want to keep putting the same old dysfunctional politicians in office? I hope you answer no.  Mike Spano is corrupt and  much too dysfunctional to be Mayor, and John Murtagh is also corrupt I watched him make back room deals inside the Republican Party, therefore, taxpayers, parents and anyone that lives in Yonkers, who has complained for years and nothing was ever done to resolve your complaints, please get your family and friends out on Election day and Vote for a new Mayor for Yonkers, Vote for a new voice,  Vote For Carlo Calvi a distinguished businessman with the ability to bring us back from the heavy burdens that Phil Amicone created for the taxpayers living in Yonkers.   Carlo Calvi is a man who will use his experience that made him a successful businessman, and, he’ll be the boss Yonkers needs, he’ll fire all the dysfunctional Commissioners inside Yonkers City Hall.  He has recently become aware of the fact that there are indeed “Nineteen” Spano’s working inside Yonkers City Hall.  Carlo will restore function to the City of Yonkers.  I ask all of you to please vote for Carlo Calvi on Election day!

Yonkers City Council Vote Mike Breen he will definitely revamp the Yonkers school system.  I personally know Mike and Pat Breen and their children, they are excellent parents.  Education and rebuilding Yonkers is priority to this successful businessman.  

“I have decided to go out on election day and vote for Carlo Calvi because he is exactly what we need for Yonkers he’s a tough boss who takes it personal what these greedy dysfunctional politicians did to our city”.  Carlo Calvi leads by example not by suggestion, he’s exactly what we need in Yonkers City Hall,  a communicator with a reputation to

care about the residents of Yonkers.  Carlo Cares that’s why I’m voting for him, and you should too, please come out and vote on Election Day for me, for you and for The Westchester News get out there and Vote for Carlo Calvi for Mayor of Yonkers cast your vote for Carlo Calvi on the Independence Line, and then stop by his headquarters on Midland Avenue and wish him all the best the world has to offer.  The Westchester News  will be there LIVE on Election Day, all day and all night, we’ll be there.  

Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News 

Vote Westchester County Legislator District 17,  Virginia Perez, paid the ultimate price the day she lost her brother killed by a violent crime when he was robbed on the streets for delivering food, she has a reason and a passion to stop the violence in the lives of Yonkers Youth growing up in South Yonkers, her main priority is a Teen Center and revamping the schools and the dysfunctional School System.  Carlo Calvi and Virginia Perez are definitely are heading in the right direction.

You’ll have to keep checking back to see who else we endorse.

The pictures are links to the candidates webpages

Theo Moustakopoulos