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Delfim Heusler is a fraud


That was the worse decision I ever made to help this 40 year old man because he duped me into believing he fights against corruption, and he told me that he believes the former Senator Nick Spano, had his friend Jimmy Wieland killed because he was going to expose what he knew about Nick Spano.  Nick Spano is involved in a lot of things, political greed, public corruption and conspiracy, he knows how to work behind the scenes underhandedly that’s for sure,  but I don’t think he would take another man’s life.  

It’s a very true saying, that, there are two kinds of people in the world, the givers and the takers, personally, I am a giver, and so often the takers are people who have a personality as “Feel sorry for me, and they prey on the givers and they know exactly what to say to get what they want from the kindness of strangers, and that is exactly what Delfim Heusler did to my giving nature, he had me fooled, and I let my guard down.

Delfim Heusler is not fit for Political Office, and he is extremely dysfunctional, he claims he comes from a union family because he is looking for the sympathy vote from union workers and he knows that Theo Moustakopoulos got all the unions to endorse him in this race.  When I saw Delfim Heusler’s relationship with Gordon Burrows and how Gordon Burrows control’s his every move, it made me angry when I realized I got duped by these two stooges, Delfim Heusler and Gordon Burrows. 

Delfim Heusler told me that he is endorsed by the New York Working Families Party and that the Westchester County Party Leader Pat Walsh, though, he had an agreement with Delfim Heusler to collect 4 signatures from the Working Families members, however, Delfim Heusler was to back out of the race and give his nomination to the Democratic Candidate Theo Moustakopoulos for Westchester County Legislator.  Then, after Delfim Heusler got on the ballot, he said, he don’t work like that, and he’s staying on the ballot to be in the race for Westchester County Legislator in the 15th District.  When I found out that the Republican Gordon Burrows is controlling Delfim Heusler, I knew this is something that needs to be exposed on The Westchester News.

Gordon Burrows is a snake in the grass for being so underhanded, sneaky and corrupt in this political process, and Delfim Heusler has disgraced the New York Working Families Party and ruined their credibility, the party endorsed Delfim Heusler with only 6 signatures from 6 members, Delfim Heusler is unfit for political office, said a close source.   Delfim, told me he only had to collect 4 signatures and he collected 6 of them! Read More About Gordon Burrows and this story is not finished To be continued

Westchester County Legislator Gordon Burrows             Gordon Burrows and Delfim Heusler at News 12

Gordon Burrows told me if he wasn’t running that he would vote for Delfim Heusler

Who are you voting for in the race for Westchester County Legislator?  Before you answer that question WATCH THE VIDEO above and then you will be able to definitely decide who you’ll be voting for on November 8, 2011.  It’s a serious matter but a very funny video.