Young boys and girls, who have been exposed to sexual abuse they have been fundamentally robbed of their innocence.

The predator who touched you, gave you a life sentence to never speak of this evil, and you remain silent locked inside an emotional roller coaster with an overwhelming feeling of shame and guilt that governs you to be mentally paralyzed. Stop feeling guilty for this incident that happened to you because the truth is, you were powerless over this predator when he took advantage of you.

When you became an adult, if that predator touched you now, you would stop him in a heartbeat because the fact is you can stop him now because now, you are a mature adult capable of making logical decisions.

Stop being a victim to the predator. I would say to you, let go of the guilt and shame. The predator is still a dirty pig creep who knows exactly how to approach his prey, he's slick and mature, and he took advantage of you. There is nothing you could have done to stop it from happening to you because you couldn't stop it, you were too young and immature to protect yourself from a predator.

I would say to the child within you, it's time to make all your dreams come true, and let go of all the shame and guilt inside! It's time to be you.

The shame and guilt these girls and boys carry around with them, it mentally paralyzes them to the point that it stunts their ability to grow and mature into confident adults. Although, they are career leaders and perfectionist, and have excellent work ethics on the job, they always live their lives running away from the shame and guilt that pursued them when they were younger.

A victim of sexual abuse gets a life sentence unless they can free themselves from the shame and guilt.

Predators have no shame or guilt for what they did to you. If, you are a victim of sexual abuse, you should stop feeling shameful and guilty. Being an adult gives you the power to be mature, experienced and sensible, use it, use those abilities! Stop freezing your dreams and suppressing your goals. Do it now, while your still young enough to enjoy your life and family. Don't let the predator rob you of the life you were meant to live.

Until, all the boys and girls who were sexually abused, let go of the shame and guilt, they will always be mentally paralyzed and powerless over the predator. These girls and boys should know that 1 out of 4 people in America are victims of molestation and sexual abuse.

I personally, was a victim of sexual abuse when I was a young girl, and I know how shameful it makes you feel inside. I know, what a heavy burden it is in your heart to carry this around. There was nothing I could do to stop the sexual abuse from happening to me because I was powerless back then, when I was a young girl, gullible and easily lead. When I became a mother, it made me strong enough to want to protect my child against a sexual predator, it made me want to carry a bullhorn around from city to city, it made me angry enough to want to expose these predators for who they are in society. I'm not a shamed of who I am, I'm liberated that I have a voice, a thought, that I could share with other victims, it's called experience. God will be the judge of the predator's dark life, one day he will end up in jail for a very longtime because he will not stop abusing innocent people, he's a predator. They don't stop abusing people after they are done with you. The predator moves on to his next victim, until he finally gets caught violently hurting another innocent person.

The man who sexually abused me when I was a young girl, he got 10-years to life for attempted murder. I write about this sexual abuse in my book.

This is a subject that needs to be talked about in the main stream media, it's the only way to heal this epidemic in America, expose the predator, and heal these open wounds of guilt and shame inside these young men and women, we need to heal their hearts and souls. The court system has failed the victims with allowing churches, colleges and corporations to protect the predators from being exposed by lawsuit settlements and gag orders.

Predators are thieves, they take our souls and leave us with a lack of self esteem to trust anyone, love anyone in our past or the ability to love ourselves. I would say to you, don't do this to yourself anymore because you are a beautiful person, strong, kind, loving, caring, and talented, but, most of all you are a survivor. Don't walk around like you've been defeated, you are the winner, and the predator is the loser. Remember that, everyday you go out into the world, you remember that!

Sometimes, I just want to take a bullhorn, and go from city to city and yell to every woman and child, it's not your fault, it's not your fault, it's not your fault, stop feeling guilty, stop being a shamed. The predator is not a shamed of what he did to you, but, he should be! He touched you, he touched somebody's precious child, he touched a high school student, he touched a college student, he touched a first grader, a fourth grader, a fifth grader, a sixth grader, he took advantage of you, he robbed your innocence when he touched you. He touched you! He violated you before you were mature enough to say stop. Don't be a victim, be an activist against sexual predators. By saying nothing, they continue hurting other young girls and boys.

You can stop a predator by publicly exposing him, humiliating him in the court of public opinion, that's a secret touch he will never forget, "Hey, predator welcome to the internet." If, you're a predator we will expose you on The Westchester News and Dateline NBC Chris Hansen, he will take you down on national TV. Report a pervert and we will catch him in the act on camera! MAIL BOX

I'll say it again, in the United States, there are 39 million adults who have survived sexual abuse, and today this day, there will be three million more "Victims" of sexual abuse and that is a fact that our children will have to face.

The character of a predator, he acts like he's Mr. Nice Guy, he hangs around children and he is usually in a trusting position, as in, management, supervisor, coach, teacher or priest! Don't judge or trust a man by his title or his friendly demeanor. Don't trust that your children are safe working for an established corporation because that corporation will spend millions of dollars on high priced law firms to protect their image and their manager "The Predator" accused of sexual abuse. Their tactic is to protect the predator by humiliating the victim, and settling the lawsuit with a sellout lawyer who caves under the pressures politics, and encourages the sexually abused to settle and sign the gag order, that they will never be able to talk about the sexual abuse that happened to them in the future. Madison Avenue corporate attorney's that do this to young victims are the scum of the earth. Sexual abuse should not be able to settle a lawsuit with a gag order included because that violates the first amendment of these victims freedom of expression. MAIL BOX

Effects of sexual abuse last for decades, study finds

Let me repeat that for you, these are the statistics, 39 million adults who have survived sexual abuse, and today this day, three million more "Victims" will be American children.

The court system has failed the children:

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