Teamster's Local 456 Coverup

The biggest Teamster's union coverup in history is unfolding at this moment, an investigation that has the FBI, James P. Hoffa and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in Washington D.C. remaining with their jaws dropped, an embarrassment to local news media, and a shake up that will change the delegation forever at Teamster's Local 456 in Elmsford, New York.

Teamster's Local 456 President Bob Roberge

Teamster's Local 456, the belated President's driver, is now the President of the union, Bob Roberge, and he seems awfully shaky these days, maybe it's the new position he fines himself in, shadiness can cause shakiness and even a sudden stroke for a man his age, said a close source.

They call themselves "The Referral Hall Committee"

This is an interesting statement heard at a general union meeting that the belated Eddie Doyle Jr. said about a woman, "She's got more balls than half the guys in this union. "Hum interesting, that was a very sexual statement to make about a woman union member, he was talking about Paige Pavlas, said a close source.

Teamster's Local 456 uses this brown haired bleached blonde Paige Pavlas as a minority, she's a union member for only 6-years, she's limited to driving automatic vehicles, she does not have a Class A License, and she's been working everyday bringing home a paycheck with overtime. Meanwhile, there are 30 year union members who are out of work, and they're not limited to driving automatic dumpers, minorities that have been out of work collecting unemployment, and women drivers with more experience than her and more time in the union than her, and yet, Paige Pavlas is a member of the "Referral Hall Committee" at Teamster's Local 456, she's deciding the future of unemployed teamsters who have been in this union for 30 years, who have grievances, and, she's denying them the right to work for companies like Persico, and that is where she's been working everyday as a minority driver, this is a conflict of interest, and, now it's documented on Friday, August 10, 2012.

Teamsters Local 456 in Elmsford, New York, President Bob Roberge, and Union Secretary Syd Goldstein, the Teamster's Local 456 President's Personal Secretary Jane, she has been around since before Ed Doyle Sr. the disgraced union President was ousted by the IBT, and than you have the delegation, business agents, shop stewarts and drivers. They call themselves "The Referral Hall Committee" a hiring hall committee made up of, a woman driver Paige Pavlas, she's a union member for only 6-years, she's on the list at Byram Concreate in White Plains, but she hasn't worked there in 9-months, but guess where she's been working? Paige Pavlas has been working for Persico Construction in Mount Vernon, while union men who have been members for 30 years are out of work, and she's on the Referral Hall Committee at the union hall with the Yonkers Contracting Shop Stewart Pat Ginzero, Tully Construction Shop Stewart Bob Macarello is in charge, and a list driver for Joe Bilotta Construction/Dakota Supply Corporation, driver Vito Debiasi, and the entire Local 456 Executive Board, all who are deeply embedded inside this union hall, are caught in a maze of lies and deception, and the man at the root of all the Teamster's Local 456 "Coverup Saga" is Eddie Doyle Sr., this union local is a circus act, it's all smoke and mirrors, said a close source.

Edward Doyle Sr. the disgraced former President of the Teamsters Union Local 456, he spoke to the union members that attended the meeting the first week of June 2012, it was a general membership meeting inside the union hall at 160 South Central Avenue in Elmsford, New York. Eddie Doyle Sr., got up on the stage and begged the membership to make his grandson Dominick Cassanelli who is only 28-years-old with only 12 years in the union to be a union delegate. The membership walked away scratching their heads wondering how this Ex-disgraced union President, who is barred from the union hall with his brother Bernie Doyle are even walking around inside the union hall, inside the offices, and their playing a roll behind the scenes, dictating who is who, the very thing they both were indicted for doing "Nepotism and no show jobs" they make their own rules and all the people involved are just Eddie Doyle's Pawns in his game of chess. We got the full story continuing right here.

The Doyle Saga continues right here on The Westchester News, stay tuned!

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