Teamsters are not working full-time and they're being treated like a bunch of illegal mexicans standing on a street corner looking for work. Teamsters Local 456, union leaders are living the high life making over $150,000.00 a year for doing nothing, while, Teamsters are collecting unemployment checks for $405.00 a week or working one or two days a week, this place is not a hiring hall it's a front, said a close source. The FBI or the International Teamsters Union President James P. Hoffa should take a serious look at the Teamsters Local 456 books and finances, there is no balance and with the current leadership in this union hall anything goes because Eddie Doyle Sr. is calling the shots in Teamsters Local 456 hiring hall, said a close source.  Somebody at the International Teamsters Union and the IRB must be looking the other way, it looks like they’re covering up for Eddie Doyle Sr. and his team of delegates and business agents, they’re just his puppets at Local 456, and they should all be interrogated and brought down on charges of conspiracy, bias, discrimination and public corruption by the IRB or they should resign, said a close source.  There are so many members who have been discriminated against in this union for years, and, they seen what this union has done to Peter Ricci, a teamster for 30 years, he went to the IRB, and they did nothing for Peter Ricci, and they allowed the Local 456 to continue discriminating against him.  The Teamsters at Local 456 have no faith in the IRB, and they have no faith or respect for the Teamsters Local 456 leadership, said a close source.  

Teamsters Local 456 Public Corruption Conspiracy Bombshell EMAIL US

Teamster's Local 456, is it conspiracy or better known as public corruption, however, the Teamsters Local 456 and it's leadership must be investigated for controlling the seniority list that allows teamster members to have steady jobs.

When a teamster member has 30 years into a union which he paid his dues for those many years, with a good standing record, and he can't get a steady job with a company like Persico Construction in Mount Vernon, New York, in which, he the union member put his time into the company to get on the list, and, he was told that the company list is closed by the union shop steward, John Buhrig, this certainly, has to raise an eyebrow or two, as to who gives a union shop steward the right to call the shots for a company as huge as Persico Construction.

Who is this shop steward John Buhrig from Mahopac, NY? He was hired as the Shop Steward for Persico Construction when the company started back in 1980, and, the company said, John Buhrig controls who we hire from the Teamsters Local 456, we have no say, the union controls the list, not the company, said a close source.

The Teamsters Union Local 456, has put Persico Company through hell in the past year 2011, when the union backed the employment of a convicted drug addict, thug, who was arrested for robbing a gas station at gun point. John Allen, better known as Boo Boo, he was destroying Persico's trucks, and he had wreck after wreck because he was on drugs, and he refused to take a drug test when the company asked him to pee in a cup, he refused, and, the union leadership told Persico Construction that they have no rights when it comes to giving John Allen a drug test, and they totally refused to "Remove" John Allen from working at Persico Construction, and continued to back Allen against Persico, and it was a fight to get the Teamsters Union Local 456 to remove him. John Allen is the thug who was robbing gas stations at gun point, he was all over the news when he got caught on a gas station surveillance camera. He was working at Persico Construction in Mount Vernon, New York, driving 10 wheelers, and he could have killed someone in the condition he was in everyday, said a close source, but the Local 456 didn't care, they fought for his job to keep him working as a steady man on the list.

The Teamsters Local 456, allowed this thug to wreck our dump trucks and cost our company thousands, and, they stand behind these drug addicts and convicts, and we have to fight in arbitration with these muscling cowards, it cost us thousands to be represented against the union, said a close source.

Teamsters Union Local 456, has a tremendous amount of explaining to do about the way they have been doing business in Westchester County, New York.

Teamsters Union Local 456, does not have the right to control a companies right to hire who they choose to put on a company list. Yet, Local 456, has literally taken control over companies like Persico Construction, Albano Fuel, Yonkers Contracting and the list goes on and on with the union leadership muscling the control of company lists against the owners having absolutely no say who they can or cannot hire in their company and on their company list, said a close source.

The union sends irresponsible drivers, drug addicts, convicts and even thugs that rob gas stations at gun point to represent companies as in, Persico Construction who is one of the biggest contractors outside of Yonkers Contracting in Westchester County, New York.

Persico Construction has the contract for Con Edison's work, where and whenever Con Edison Works, so does, Persico Construction work. Persico Construction has 7 trucks and 1 lowboy, and one dump trailer, and 1 fuel truck, the shop steward drives the lowboy, and a roll off, all of the trucks are out everyday with Teamster Members from Local 456 driving those 10 wheeler dump trucks, said a close source.

The Westchester News spoke with a few representatives from Persico Construction, John Buhrig the Shop Steward, Carol Persico and the CFO, Richard Mack, and they all had different concerns about the union controlling the company list. Carol Persico, said her son, is a Teamster, and she can't get him on her list to work for her own company because of the Teamster Leadership is controlling her list, John Buhrig does all the hiring for our company, and she was talking about the Shop Steward!

The CFO for Persico, Richard Mack, said, it's easy to work with Local 282, if you like a driver or laborer, you request those people and there is never a problem, but, with Local 456, they don't budge, we have to take what they send us, and in this case they sent us a drug addict who wrecked our trucks, costing the company thousands, and he said, he has everything documented with plenty of pictures that he will use in court against them, if it comes to that!

Richard Mack, has been with Persico a little over a year, and he did not know that the owner of Persico, has the right to hire any driver sent to him by Local 456, provided that the driver puts his time in with the company. Richard Mack, said, he will look into the information I gave him.

Richard Persico, the owner of Persico Construction, could not be reached he was recovering from heart surgery, but, when he recovers The Westchester News would like to speak with him about his company policies, and, if he realizes that the Teamsters Local 456, has no right to control his company list.

John Buhrig, the shop steward seems to think he is the representative that controls the company list at Persico Construction, but, that is not the job of a shop steward, his job is to keep track of the hours that union men work, and make sure they get paid for their overtime and vacation pay, and that the company abides by the union contract, that's it.

The interesting thing is that when I was talking with John Buhrig on the phone, I mentioned, my father Frank D'Amico Sr. was the confidant to Eddie Doyle Sr. for over 40 years, when Eddie was the President of the Teamsters, and John answered, and said, I knew your father and your father was just a Teamster brother like me, and, I thought to myself, what an arrogant person to say that, with such disrespect for my father Frank D'Amico Sr., who was one of the most powerful officials for Local 456, my father was the man that sat by Eddie Doyle's side, when he signed the contracts to secure jobs for ungrateful men like him.

John Buhrig, put himself in the same category as the men who built this union, men like, Tommy Manzo and my Father Frank D'Amico Sr.! I'd like to see what Anthony Manzo, would say to John Buhrig, the shop steward, if he said that about his father? My father is dead, but, what he did for Eddie Doyle Sr. and his two sons, Eddie Jr. and Scott, and for all the members of the Teamsters Union Local 456, cannot and will not be ignored.

Marty Albano, the owner of Albano Fuel Company said, when Eddie Doyle came to his office when he signed the contract with the Teamsters Local 456, it was Eddie Doyle Sr. and Frank D'Amico Sr. who was in his office when he signed that contract. John Buhrig, is misinformed about who got the contracts signed and secured jobs for Teamsters, and frankly, I think he owes my family an apology for disrespecting my father's legacy, and comparing himself equal to who my father Frank D'Amico Sr. was to the Teamsters Local 456.

When my husband Peter Ricci, a teamster at local 456 for the past 29 years, was sent to Persico Construction to work and replace, John Allen, the drug addict who got arrested for robbing gas stations at gun point. Peter Ricci, worked for Persico Construction since 2011, and after he put enough time in, he said to the shop steward John Buhrig, I put my time in, I'd like to get on the list, and John Buhrig said, the list is closed!

The Teamster's shop steward's "the old-timers" said, they never heard of such a thing, the list is closed, that's ridiculous. Persico's trucks are "All" out everyday, and everyday the teamsters union is sending drivers there to work, something doesn't add up.

Peter Ricci said, after 29 years in this union he never heard of a list being closed either, and after work one day, he went up to the union hall, on March 5th 2012, to sign onto the list to work steady everyday with Persico Construction in Mount Vernon, NY. He spoke with Bob Roberge, and the Vice President of the Teamsters Local 456, Syd, Sydney Goldstein, and Robert Roberge, an official union Secretary Treasurer, he gives out the jobs everyday, and both Sid Goldstein and Bob Roberge told Peter, the list at Persico is closed.

Bob Roberge wouldn't sign off on the paperwork for the seniority list, which means he wouldn't put Peter Ricci on the list at Persico, even though he had his time in, and yet, Peter Ricci has the right to be next on the list at Persico Construction in Mount Vernon, New York.

The interesting thing is, the list was open in 2011, and now it's closed because Peter Ricci wants to get on the list. The Teamster Delegate for that area, and for Persico Construction is "Bill" William Visci, Bill was on vacation the week of March 5, 2012, Syd Goldstein told Peter Ricci, when Visci gets back I'll tell him to give you a call. Bill Visci never called Peter Ricci. Everyday, Bob Roberge sends drivers to Persico Construction, fulling every truck with Teamsters and they still refuse to put Peter Ricci on the list.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Bob Roberge, sends Peter Ricci to a job in upstate New York near Carmel, about an hour away from Yonkers, New York where Peter Ricci lives. On Thursday, April 18, 2012, Peter Ricci, is working upstate at Brennon Construction, and a union delegate Kevin Curry stops by, and tells Peter, they sent you up here to work and you live in Yonkers, and they sent my brother who lives upstate here, they sent him to Persico Construction, it just doesn't make sense.

This story will continue, after, a complete investigation is done to determine if this is conspiracy or public corruption, that the Teamster Union Local 456 has a track record for doing to it's members. We will reach out to the International Teamsters and the IRB. If, you have any complaints against the Teamster's Union Local 456, now is the time to come forward, it's time to clean house and get rid of these cronies at Local 456. This is bias, conspiracy, discrimination and public corruption.

Ex Teamster Local 456 Robbed Gas Stations in Westchester County

Officials say, John Allen 40, the Mount Pleasant native, stopped into a gas station near Saw Mill River Parkway he bought gas, and then, he returned with a ski mask and robbed the place, and then, he repeated it again, two armed robberies within 30 minutes of each other, and now, he is facing federal criminal charges. John Allen, robbed the Sunoco gas station near Marble Avenue in Hawthorn, and then the Gulf gas station in Elmsford. John Allen, has a rap sheet from the past, he's a convicted robber. Teamster Local 456 hired him, he was a truck driver, and a few months ago the union got complaints about Allen's behavior and they asked him to take a drug test, but, he refused to take it, and he was fired from the Teamster's Local 456, now, he's an armed gunman being arraigned in Federal Court in White Plains, New York. He should have did the pee pee in the cup, it would have been less embarrassing for him, and the union would have sent him to rehab, said a close source.

I'm The Wife Of A Teamster Local 456

At some point, we would truly like to move out of New York State because we have seen enough corruption for a lifetime, and my husband and I both agree, it's time to start living, and stop dreaming that things are going to get better here in Westchester County because they're not!. My husband is a "Teamster" for last 28 years at Local 456, he's a truck driver, he drives 10 wheelers, but, he's always laid off, therefore, if you know anyone who needs a reliable truck driver or a reliable foreman, in a stone yard or lumber yard, he has years of experience. He's a great guy and a hard worker. Please, let me know if you have an opening because we are willing to relocate and he is willing to leave the Teamsters Union Local 456. All the union men have lost thousands of dollars in their annuity in the past year and it's been an extremely depressing year for all the Teamsters. It doesn't look good for Teamsters, my husband hasn't worked full-time for the last 3 years, the union is weaker than ever, and it has taken a toll on all the members, and our personal finances. The union members are extremely concerned that the union annuity pension fund went from $13 Million to $6 Million, where did all those millions go, said a close source. We are tired of depending on a union with no leadership, now Eddie Doyle Sr. wants to use the pension fund to rebuild the Tappan Zee Bridge, that is absurd because the pension fund could end up in the wrong hands with millions missing and unaccounted for as is right now, $13 million is now $6 million, there is no foundation for this investment because the union leadership is a complete joke at the Trades Union and Teamsters Local 456, it should not be that men who are in this union for over 30 years are laid off more than they work, that is insane. Eddie Doyle Jr. should be removed from his position as President of the Teamsters Local 456, he still plays nepotism and politics with his friends and family, like his father Eddie Doyle Sr. did, meanwhile, the rest of the members are on the unemployment line, meanwhile, younger members are on the top of the list being Shop Stewarts and Truck Drivers with full-time steady jobs for construction companies. It doesn't matter how good a job you do for these union connected construction companies, you are just a number when you are at the bottom of the list or not on a list at all, you will work one or two days, and you'll be laid off again, men who have put 30 years in this Teamsters Local 456 have spend most of the year collecting unemployment checks. Teamsters Local 456 members don't know what the future holds for them, and they have had enough of eating the crumbs that fall from the leadership table. Many Teamsters have lost their homes, and many are losing their homes, like us, and it's disgusting what this leadership has done to all these men who worked hard for all these years and they have nothing left. All the men remember when Eddie Doyle Sr. promised them that when they retire they would be millionaires, and that was just another lie, his leadership is a complete joke, Eddie Doyle Sr. and his son Eddie Doyle Jr. should resign, as the heads of these unions, they are both a disgrace. Union Members with 28 years and more are out of work collecting unemployment, men are 30 years in this union and they're only making $40,000.00 a year, that is absolutely ridiculous. Eddie Doyle Jr. makes $203,006.00 a year, free car, free gas, and free expenses, and he lives for free in his mommy and daddy's house in the basement, there is definitely something wrong here with this leadership, and this Teamster's Union Local 456 should be investigated again, if not already for Public Corruption. Here's a question for the Teamster's Local 456, why does Eddie Doyle Jr. hide from the News Cameras, perhaps, this map to the Meadowlands Arena Parking Lot might lead you to the direct answer in East Rutherford, New Jersey and possibly it may lead you straight to the Grand Jury Court Records, Criminal Records and much more about Eddie Doyle Jr. Perhaps, he's afraid someone may recognize him on the news, huh?

When Eddie Doyle Jr. drinks alcohol he gets violent and out of control in public and this is the reason that he hides from the news cameras because someone may recognize him for a lot of reasons and he also was arrested by the Yonkers Police for throwing a knife at his oldest son, Eddie Doyle Jr., I interviewed his ex-wife, he treats his ex-wife and his first born son very poorly, just follow the documentation, and, you will take the Doyle's down, said a close source.

There is a paper trail, Eddie Doyle Sr., paid my brother Frank D'Amico Jr. to create a website making fun of the IRB when the IRB was investigating the Westchester County Union Local 456. Eddie Doyle cut my brother Frank a check for a few thousand, there is definitely a paper trail, and if the IRB digs deep enough they will find it!

There is a victim out there in New Jersey, and If, the victim died from his injuries that he sustained in the parking lot at the meadowlands arena after a game, there is no statue of limitations. I am witness that my brother Frank D'Amico Jr. lied on the stand at the New Jersey Grand Jury for Eddie Doyle Jr.! My brother Frank is dead, but I will never forget the day my father made my brother lie on the stand for Eddie Jr. My brother Frank was crying and he said, dad, please don't make me do this, I could go to jail for lying, dad, I don't want to do this, please, and my father slapped my brother in the face, and said, pull yourself together, if you go to jail, when you get out Eddie will take care of you, as my father fixed my brother Frank's tie, and my mother said, Frankie listen to your father, as tears rolled down my brother Frank's face, and I think that was one of the sadist days of my life to watch that happen to my brother Frank, and my mother washed his face with a cold washcloth before he walked out the door.

I remember one day I was on the phone with my brother Frank, he was living in California, and he was crying and he said, Booba, I am so evil, I'm evil, and I said to him, it's not your fault, it's mommy and daddy's fault you made the wrong choices, they taught you to be evil, they never corrected you, you were never taught right from wrong, it's not your fault.

My father Frank D'Amico Sr. was the man that made Eddie Doyle Sr. look powerful, my father was the "Power Behind The Power" at the Teamsters Local 456, he got the contracts signed, not Eddie Doyle!

Westchester Teamsters Union Local 456 Corruption WATCH THIS VIDEO

My husband Peter Ricci, came to the IRB once before, and you did nothing except allow the Doyle's to abuse and humiliate him for years. After, my husband came to the IRB, Eddie Doyle Jr. got up in front of the entire general union meeting and he said, Peter Ricci was the only one who went against this union when the IRB was here." That was the last union meeting my husband attended thanks to the IRB investigators who did nothing about the corruption at Local 456! Read More

I am relentless to get justice for my husband, and I hope you and the international teamsters have as much passion to take down the Doyle's and get them out of Local 456, for once, and for all!

Who is Nick Spano?

Nick Spano is the "King of Conspiracy" he used his power to destroy innocent people for Political Favors, and that is the truth about Nick Spano, he's ruthless and nothing was off limits! He used his Political Power and his connections to get his way, but, what he didn't know is that the FEDS have been watching him for years, said a source.

Edward Doyle Jr. President of Local 456 died of a heart attack, we’ll  bring you the true story on The Westchester News

Teamster Members are tired of the same old Leadership

Yonkers DPW the garbage men are called during work hours to stand on the side of the road for the funeral of the Union President Eddie Doyle Jr.   Yonkers DPW do not have the same contract as the truck drivers, they’re not really teamster members, the union only negotiates their contract, they get no benefits,  it’s all smoke and mirrors with this union, said a close source.

The truck drivers are the real “Teamsters” and they’re completely disgusted with “All” the leadership at Teamsters Local 456.  The union leadership is completely dysfunctional, and the international and the IRB, better do what they were put in place to do, they better put new leadership in Local 456, and get the corruption out!  Eddie Doyle Sr. is still involved at Local 456, he’s running the show and calling the shots behind the scenes and all the delegates are his puppets. Get them out, said a close source. 

Ed Doyle Sr. and Frank D’Amico Sr. both their sons died on June 1st.

Frank D’Amico Jr,

died Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ed Doyle Sr. and Frank D’Amico Sr.

Friday, June 1, 2012 Obituary


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