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hires minorities without diversity in Westchester County Stores, Yonkers, Hartsdale and Mount Vernon. There is no diversity in these stores, no balance in their staff diversity.      

The management is unprofessional, as is the sales people, and the customer service is deplorable, therefore, think about those qualities when buying any kind of electronic or appliance. 

We received many complaints about the customer service, so I investigated them, and found out they blow off complaints by consumers.  I told them they needed diversity in their stores here in Westchester County, and Customer Relations hung up the phone on me because they took it as a racist issue, when it was the experience that their customers complained about to The Westchester News, and we noticed for ourselves, that these stores hire minorities without diversity in these Westchester stores.       

Westchester County, New York has three Best Buy Stores, and out of those 3 stores in Yonkers, Hartsdale and Mount Vernon, you can count on one hand how many white employees work in these stores.   You will not find any Asian, Greek, Portuguese, Brazilian, Jamaican, Jewish, Irish, Russian, Indian or Italian Americans working in these stores, you will only find Black’s and Hispanics working for Best Buy stores in Westchester County.  This is a problem because there is no balance, no diversity in these stores, and Best Buy management is to blame for this.   It seems when you have a black or hispanic manager in authority that’s what they hire under them, black’s and hispanics and their is no balance in staff diversity, and this has got to change because there are so many diverse American students who need jobs in Westchester County and the management in Best Buy is not giving them the same opportunities as the blacks and hispanics.  If, I’m gonna spend my money in a store I want to see diversity in that store, not just black’s and hispanics, said a close source.  If, things don’t change at Best Buy, I will not shop there anymore, said a source.  They have no knowledge of the product they are selling, they tell you the wrong information about the products, and customer service and customer relations at Best Buy is extremely dysfunctional.  I wouldn’t trust buying anything off of Best Buy because they don’t stand behind their product.  Costco, Sears, Kmart, P.C. Richards, and Apple, are all diverse companies you can trust, and you will get excellent customer service anytime you have a problem in these stores, they resolve it quickly with an apology,  said a source.   Best Buy blows off complaints and they have the Worst Reviews. Read these reviews before Best Buy deletes them Best Buy (2 STARS  MOUNT VERNON / YONKERS / HARTSDALE ) These stores might have good prices, but remember, buying a product is 1% of the experience, and 99% is the Customer Service, if you have a problem with your computer, TV or Appliance with any product you buy,  think about the most important thing you will need to resolve the matter, Management and Customer Service because it’s a true saying, you get what you pay for, if you pay $299.00 for an HP Laptop at Best Buy, you are screwed when problems develop, and trust me they will develop, they always do.  The Company’s Customer Service Department says a lot about a company, it tells you whether its a reputable company or not, but don’t take my word for it, call the Customer Relations Department 1-888-237-8289 and make a complaint, ask to speak to the CEO Brian Dunn,  and see what happens before you even think about buying a product there. You should test the waters at their customer service before you invest your money in this company.  I can clearly tell you that Best Buy failed the test I gave them, and I can say with confidence that Best Buy Customer Service Department is extremely dysfunctional.   Tell me how many diverse Americans are out of work and need jobs? EMAIL

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