Do foreigners in America, have no respect for the American people? This is America Speak English!

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This article does not pertain to foreigners who speak English and respect the American People and the American Culture. 

This article is about “Foreigners who hate Americans and show disrespect to the American people, this is what it’s about, and these people should be deported. Americans should not have to stand for any type of abuse or disrespect”  If a foreigner thinks he can come to our country and treat us Americans like garbage, this is criminal and he or she should be deported, and blocked from ever returning to our country the United States of America. 

The other thing is, diplomatic immunity has ruined America, and destroyed our freedom. These new foreigners in America who live in New York are all connected to Diplomats who are members of the United Nations in New York City. 

Our own people the “United States Government Politicians” sold us out to the United Nations, and all these people walking around our country are speaking “Spanish” and every other native tongue, other than English, this is America, this is our country and everyone should be speaking English.  I’m tired of feeling uncomfortable everywhere I go, I’m an American, I speak English, and it should be mandate in this country to speak English, hey you Spanish tongues, this is America, when you come to our country America to live and you become an American Citizen, speak English!  Our Government allows these Spanish people to have translators, these foreigners have flooded New York by storm.  They’re banging out babies and the American taxpayers are paying for them, to live here for free.  We should not have to pay for these children on welfare, ship them back to the 3rd world country they were conceived in, they should not be our responsibility. 

Our American Schools should not accommodate a second language for these foreigners, enough is enough, with all the budget cuts, get rid of all these free loaders, deport them.  Foreigners are making Americans feel like this is not our America anymore.  Everywhere you go in Westchester County, New York,  all you see is foreigners speaking Spanish or some other native tongue to each other, and I know that they can speak English, but they won’t because they hate Americans, I watch them snare at Americans, they have created an alliance against the American people “New Yorkers” because they want to take over New York!  The foreign churches and organizations are occults and breeding grounds for this type of hatred motivating crowds of political anti-American mind sets.  And, who is responsible for telling them to disrespect Americans?  These organizations that are protesting they want equal rights to our Americans Rights, and they are buying those rights election after election, by greasing the palms of our corrupt American Politicians who create the laws. 

I am gonna make Tee Shirts that say, AMERICANS SPEAK ENGLISH & YOU’RE IN AMERICA SPEAK ENGLISH, and I ask every American to do the same.  Americans cannot be silent any longer, all these free loaders should be cut off, close our borders, and deport these disrespectful foreigners.  Take down the signs that are written in Spanish, and force these people to speak English, our Government is wasting our tax money on all these signs written in Spanish, bullshit, the signs should be written in English, and English only.  English should be the only language that should be taught in our American Schools, the English language, and nothing else.  Tell these foreigners don’t come to America until you learn English in your country!  I am going to sell the American Tee Shirts on The Westchester News!  EMAIL ME if you want to buy one.  

How do these foreigners come to America, open businesses and they can’t even speak English, someone please tell me?  An American who speaks fluent English has a hard time opening a business, and these foreigners just know how to say, you pay, you pay, you pay.  Chinese Buffets are killing Americans and destroying their health, whatever they are putting in that food is causing illness to Americans.  You will never see the chinese sit down and eat the food they give to the Americans.  They just eat the white rice, you will never see a chinese eat fried rice, they give that to the Americans.  Americans wake up and think, start making the right choices.   I went to the Symphony Dry Cleaners on Midland Avenue in Yonkers, the owner is a Korean, I gave him a few pants to dry clean, and when I went to wear my beige pants, and I immediately saw he forgot to dry clean and press the pants, just hung them up and put a plastic bag over them, the stain was still present, and that is why I had them dry cleaned in the first place.  I brought them back and complained, and the Korean said,  you pay, you pay, you pay, and there was no conversation.  I told him you didn’t dry clean these pants or press them, looking down he shook his head, and said, no, no, you want dry clean you pay, you want you pay.  I left and then came back with my camera, therefore, as soon as I’m done editing this Hall Of Shame Dry Cleaners segment you’ll get to see how disrespectful these foreigners are to us Americans.  I’m a news reporter and my job is to inform the public and that is exactly what I will do on The Westchester News.   Do you think, it should be mandate and written into the law that when these foreigners are doing business with us Americans, and especially those who own businesses in America, they should have to look us Americans in the eye and speak English? Is that too much to ask our American Government?  And, why do we do business with these people they can’t speak English, why?  This is America, not some foreign country, what is going on here, can someone explain this to me, said a close source. The American people better wake up because Americans are becoming obsolete.  EMAIL ME

They are taught by these foreign organizations that they should not buy anything off an American, and than even worse, they have taken over all the American businesses, stationary stores, our New York Lotto, dry cleaners, seven eleven, taxi’s, nail salons, hair salons, gas stations, deli’s, pizza shops, etc., enough is enough.  Our government gives the United Nations incentives to bring their people here to America and start businesses, and they have destroyed our business opportunities in New York.  Americans are moving out of New York, day after day, and there are no American businesses left, for example, if you go to an Italian Pizza Place, a Mexican is making the pizza and now, they’re serving Mexican Meat Pies in an Italian Pizzeria. 

Unfortunately for New York Americans, it’s too late for us, you can’t save New York anymore, it’s over, however, it’s important to preserve and maintain the rest of the country, make the laws to protect our American Rights, and keep the foreigners out.  Stop telling the Americans that they need to speak Spanish Bilingual to get a job, and start telling these foreigners that they have to Speak English to get a job in America.  Stop this Bilingual bullshit, it’s completely unconstitutional this is America, SPEAK ENGLISH!  Our fathers who fought the in World Wars,  they didn’t fight for the Spanish Language, they fought for America and the American people and the English Language and the American lifestyle to be preserved for their children and grandchildren, so they would be able to live the American Dream, not for these foreigners to come and take over our country and demand rights for themselves equal to our American Rights.  That is bullshit, and Americans aren’t going to let this happen any longer, SPEAK ENGLISH, said a close source.

American New Yorkers who’s fathers fought for this country in World War’s are moving out of New York in droves, it’s become a 3rd world country, that’s right, you heard me, right here in New York its 3rd world, and who’s responsible?  The corrupt New York Politicians that’s who, and, the political corruption is so wide spread you can’t put your finger on it, forget about it!  New York is a melting pot, something has got to give sooner or later.  These Politicians made a pack with the devil, satan, for an undisclosed amount of money, they sold their souls to the devil, it’s over for New York.  God is going to turn His back on New York State, and there is going to be a natural disaster, and you can document what I just revealed to you, said a close source.

Foreigners that come to America and become professional, doctors, dentist, laborers, contractors, and business people, etc. and they embrace the American culture and lifestyle and respect the American people and speak English, and hire Americans in their businesses and shop in our American businesses, than, I want you to know we welcome you with open arms into America to live the American Dream and share in our culture and we hope you live a wonderful long healthy life here in America, and your children are born and bred into Americans and they grow nurtured and blesses from our soil. 

However, all the diplomat freeloaders crying “Minority” collecting Welfare on our American backs their a burden to us struggling American taxpayers, they should leave America and just get out, it’s time to deport them, we can’t afford to pay for all these freeloading Diplomat’s families on Welfare, and the ones that have our government jobs and are working, they’re  taking all the American jobs away from Americans for cheap labor, deport them now, how about signing that law into practice, said a close source. 

If, I go to a foreign country like Russia, Israel, Iraq, Africa, India, China, Mexico, Italy or Japan, tell me what would happen to me, if,  I told the people there to shut the “phuck up” you are nothing, I’m not talking to you you’re stupid, while, standing on line at Home Depot, and all that person said, was excuse me sir I was ahead of you on line! Foreigners know how to say a couple of words in English to Americans, “PHUCK YOU AMERICAN.”

Please send me an email, and tell me what you think would happen in another country if an American talked like that to the people there? Do Americans have any rights? Please tell me!    

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