Suzannah B. Troy called Michael Bloomberg a Racketeer!

I said, Michael Bloomberg is a Jewish Racketeer, can’t be!


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Suzannah B. Troy is mentally perverted and extremely obsessed with sex, beware she’s extremely disturbed, said a close source!  Watch her video on the right, and then, listen to her tell erotic sex story on her website, she’s nuts!!! Waistlands

Barbara Ricci answers his remark! Listen to me Mr. Louis Flores, you and your perverted sex toy artist sent me “Press Releases” about your New York City Protest, so therefore, I first thought this story was  about "Corruption" until I dug deeper into it.  You are no better than Michael Bloomberg, you are completely simple minded and you and your friend the “Artist” are both totally bizarre. 

This is Louis Flores on the right, he made a comment about Barbara Ricci’s headlines sounding racist/anti-semitism.

That’s right, I write the headlines on The Westchester News.Com, I did this story, AS IS, where is and how is, as far as I am concerned you are two fruitcakes!!!  You called me a racist, that’s is so funny because anything you’ve said has no merit.  Did you know, that my first cousin is a Jew, and he is a renown political photographer.  Your remarks about me are unfounded, I am not a racist, I'm a realist!  I write about the Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Blacks, Whites, Spanish, Italians, Irish, Greek, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabs etc.  I’m proud to be a true American, my father fought for this country in World War II,  so that, I may have the freedom to speak the truth, therefore, Michael Bloomberg is a Jew, isn’t he? That’s exactly what I thought!  Michael Bloomberg is a Jew, and I certainly think he would agree with me on that one. LOL!!!


Louis Flores and Suzannah B. Troy, please do all of us a huge favor in society, get a reality check and clean up your dysfunctional disturbed perverted minds!  As for me, I’m a journalist, an investigative reporter,  I inform the readers about both sides of the coin, and that is exactly what I did... You're comments about me are useless, Michael Bloomberg is Jewish, and what I said is not racist, it's the truth. LOL!!!  Let’s see, I heard from two very dysfunctional people who said that they are disappointed with the headline, hum, that would be you Louis Flores and your sex artist friend Suzannah B. Troy. LOL!!!

Radial Activist Louis Flores

Rudy is pushing his Italian meatballs all around town, and Mike likes his matzoballs.

Suzannah B. Troy is Erotic! Mike is a Jew!  Rudy is a Catholic!

Louis Flores




Westchester Online News WOW

Suzannah B. Troy is obsessed with Mike Bloomberg and Barbara Ricci, they rejected Troy when she befriended them.

Suzannah B. Troy, age 49, calls herself an artist, but, what she really is, is this, an erotic artist with an opportune unstable cyber bully mind on You-Tube! She’s a washed up wanna be, stuck in the 80’s!

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