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Who knew Sheldon Silver was connected to people like this?


The full story will be part of The Westchester News Edition 1, and many more exclusive stories will be in future editions, stories about Westchester County, Mount Vernon, Tuckahoe, New York City, New Jersey, Rockland County and New York State.  We have these exclusive stories on Political Corruption and these greedy politicians are truly criminal.  They play a game of dirty politics by lining up players to help them destroy innocent peoples lives for their own political gain.  Here is a taste of the stories we are working on and trust me on this, they’re intense!  This is Political Greed.

“We will continue to write stories about Political Public Corruption because that’s what we do here.”

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, New York City

Sheldon Silver’s connections to the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, and his Chief of Staff Judy Rapfogel and her husband CEO William Rapfogel who heads the organization for Jewish Poverty are using their political powers “They’re in cahoots in malicious prosecution, to have Judy Rapfogel’s nephew Calvin Abramowitz prosecuted in New Jersey,  just so she could cover up the truth about her family secret.”  Judy Rapfogel gifted herself her mother’s apartment that is worth a million dollars and it’s located in the same building where she lives in Manhattan, and then she gave it to her son, Michael because she found out that she cannot own two apartments in the building at the same time, meanwhile, she made her mother Ruth live in deplorable conditions in Union City, New Jersey.   Judy Rapfogel’s mother Ruth didn’t deserve this neglect.

Judy Rapfogel

William Rapfogel

Sheldon Silver

Judy Rapfogel and her mother Ruth Hirschman in earlier days.

Ruth Hirschman with her grandson Calvin on his wedding day.

Ruth Hirschman with her young grandson Calvin Abramowitz.

Ruth Hirschman with her young grandsons Jeffrey, Philip, Steven, and Calvin Abramowitz.

Public Corruption at its Best!

Ruth Hirschman’s sister Lynn “Malka” Gold visited Ruth at Calvin’s home, and she said that Calvin cared for his grandmother with dignity and respect, he made his grandmother very comfortable and truly happy.

Calvin Abramowitz adores his grandmother with love and respect and he was honored to welcome her into his home, he felt it was his obligation to give back to the person who cared for him and loved him as a child.  Calvin is a wonderful human being, nephew, grandson, brother, father, husband and friend, and he is well respected in his community in New Jersey.

Ruth Hirschman was living in New Jersey in filth, neglect and abuse by her son Aaron, who is mentally unstable,  and he’s Judy Rapfogel’s younger brother.   Judy Rapfogel simply didn’t care about what was happening to her mother Ruth, she left her mother living in deplorable conditions and she looked the other way while she rubbed elbows with her political socialites in New York City, she was simply too busy to hear her mother’s cries for help, while her mother was being abused day after day in Union City, New Jersey. 

The truth is this,  Judy Rapfogel simply didn’t care that her mother was rapidly deteriorating.   Judy’s nephew,  Calvin Abramowitz could not stand by and watch this happen to his grandmother, and he did everything in his power to save his grandmother Ruth from this horrible abuse and neglect, even,   to the point that he brought her to live with him and his family in their Lakewood, Jersey home, and he provided his grandmother with an apartment and 24 hour nursing care, around the clock, and she had visitors and people to talk with, food, and she was happy and smiling again.  Calvin was not going to let his grandmother down and he cared for her with his heart and soul.  Ruth Hirschman loves her grandson dearly, and she will never forget how well he cared for her,  said a close source.

Calvin’s grandmother Ruth gave him sixty thousand dollars to take care of her so she would not be taken to a nursing home,  and she wanted to be with her grandson Calvin because she knew he would take proper care of her.  Ruth Hirschman raised Calvin and his 3 older brothers in her Manhattan and New Jersey apartments, and him and his brothers love their grandmother unconditionally.  Judy and William Rapfogel are two political ruthless human beings who have been embedded in New York State Politics with Sheldon Silver for 40 years with the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty,  as they worked together to streamline New York State taxpayers money into the organization, and the bottom line is, they’re ruthless heartless politicians.   Calvin Abramowitz did, what any loving grandson would do for his loving grandmother he took care of her in the proper manner.

Aaron Hirschman abused his mother Ruth Hirschman and he left her isolated in the dark, fragile, hungry, malnourished, and bruised. Judy Rapfogel didn’t care.

Calvin Abramowitz and his wife and his three young sons.

The Rapfogel family, William and Judy with their three sons, Michael, Chaim, Moshe in earlier years.

Calvin and his grandfather Rabbi Harold Hirschman.

Ruth Hirschman always took care of her loving mother Rose Greenblatt in New York.

Edward Cox, the Republican Party Chairman sent a political video to The Westchester News, this Democratic Candidate “Jack Davis” is arrogant as he assaults a Cameraman.  Jack Davis is running against Jane Corwin for Congress in the 26th District in Western New York.  Jack Davis is a thug and a coward, said a close source. Watch Video

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This is a summary of the full story that is yet to come, and it’s about Sheldon Silver’s Girl Friday, Judy Rapfogel, she’s a real monster for what she did to her nephew Calvin when he was a young boy, it’s painful to listen to what happened to him.  He is so frightened of her, she mentally abused him.