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Hope Baptist Church Choir is Awesome as they sing Praises To The Lord Jesus Christ, All Glory To God!

Whitney Houston's Church in Newark, New Jersey Celebrates Her Home With Song, the Word Of God, Psalm 23, and, God's Word says, absent from the body present with the Lord. When Whitney stands before the Lord Jesus Christ, He will open the door and say, Welcome Home Whitney Elizabeth Houston, job well done, My good and faithful servant, welcome home.

The Great Whitney Houston died too young!

Whitney's Funeral was Live on The Westchester News, February, 18, 2012, Saturday Morning, 12:00 pm!

This is a Public Announcement!

Whitney Houston committed suicide, but, is the "Music Industry" responsible for these two stars suicides, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston? I want to know who are the doctor's who are giving drug addicts prescription drugs to kill themselves? Who is next to die? When is enough, enough? For God Sake! These people are much too young to die because an incompetent pencil pushing hollywood doctor gave them drugs!


How About Those Sickening Cancer Commercials

This is a Public Announcement! HOW ABOUT THOSE CANCER COMMERCIALS ON TV? They're sickening! The cancer commercials on tv and the radio have got to go, they are extremely depressing! I will not listen to a radio show or tv show that aires cancer commercials, they do nothing more than depress people who don't smoke, and they don't stop people who do smoke. Smoking is an addiction, and if the government what's to stop people from smoking than stop selling cigerettes in this country. ALSO, WHAT ABOUT THOSE MEDICATION COMMERCIALS ON TV? Do you listen to the side effects of all the medications they are pushing on tv they will kill you and shorten your lives, medication kills, not disease, say no to drugs even if your doctor prescribes them, just say no! You have a right to say no, you have one life, one body, say no to drugs. We watch tv to be entertained and laugh, and we listen to the radio to sing and feel happy inside and to forget about our problems and to forget about sickness and depression, loss and death! What's going on here? Television Network Executives are making us Americans more depressed than ever, with these cancer commercials they're trying to brain wash Americans to become weak minded, that's what's going on here! They should put all these cancer and medication commercials on one channel because they are sicking to watch and listen too, and whoever is behind these tv commericals are evil. Don't watch or listen to any tv program or radio program that promotes these tv commercials. Take control of your lives, here and now, just think about what I am saying because you do have a choice, just like you have a voice, here and now, use it or lose it! Read More About Whitney Houston

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