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NEWS PAPARAZZI is represented by the law firm of Dewy Screwem and Howe, Attorney’s Lou Pole and Mike Hunt,  Ophialia Johnsons,  and Lance A. Boyle. 

Something For Everyone “Scroll to the bottom” about Arnold Diaz and Barbara Ricci, two “In your face” news reporters for TV viewers, internet viewers and newspaper readers!  Readers, when are you going to stop being so easily lead by manipulative Political Anchors, Reporters, and Newspaper Writers like Ben Smith, News 12 Westchester’s Janine Rose, and even Fox 5 Anchors Rosanna Scotto, and even a Network General Manager like Lew Leone? 1. They all cover up the truth about the corrupt former district attorney Jeanine Pirro corruption.  2. They’re all guilty of throwing foul balls into the consumers minds with they’re big advertisement contracts on their networks, and it’s totally unethical, however, let’s have a few laughs with them.

Fox 5 ratings are flat because Judge Jeanine Pirro belongs behind bars, not in them drinking Martinis! This is a picture of Jeanine, wasted after she had a few. “I’m Judge Jeanine Pirro blah bla”

Rosanna Scotto Slow down on the Botox girl, you’re beginning to resemble the Concord jet,  all you need is a propeller and you’ll be ready for take off.  Ro enough with the Lip already.  You get what you pay for, trust me, your plastic surgery does more damage than good.  Lisa Evers enough with the implants, on camera it looks good, off camera, not so good, your unrecognizable. Everybody loves Ernie Anastos makeup SWEET.

All of you had some plastic surgery.   Well, maybe not all of you, I think Janine Rose “Nose” still draws eye-brows on her forehead.  News 12 Westchester Janine Rose aka. “The Nose” went to a plastic surgeon and she said, do whatever it takes Doc to make me look better. He added a tail. 

Hillary Clinton said in her own words in Newsweek, 1995,  "If I want to knock a story off the front page,  I just change my hairstyle."  Hillary, I got one better, just brush your hair.

Jeanine Pirro belongs in jail.

The middle class pays for every child on welfare,  and it comes right from the working class taxpayers pocket.”  The rich are living richer, and the middle class are living poorer.  The rich could afford high prices, they don’t care, they’ll fly to Paris for dinner.

Sue Simmons NBC

Suzy was that Phuck with a PH minis the D? You’re only human, we hope.

News 12 Westchester

News Reporter Lisa LaRocca, she’s always out there, Mrs. Rain or Shine, you go Girl! Everybody loves you, as much as Raymond.

Mike Edelman, is keeping a low profile these days, hey, you look like turtle but you act like a SCORPION... hey, aren’t the FBI investigating you?

News 12 Westchester Weatherman Rob Eisenson Weatherman Joe Rao

The Professor Rob is starting to look a little like ANT from Last Comic Standing, I bet it’s his do-z-do.

I really love that do, “Love the Do Professor” 

“Hey Handsome”

Weatherman Joe Rao

BEAUTY          &             THE BEAST

The Westchester News exposes Jeanine Pirro is evil and wicked Westchester Online Newsroom news paparazzi nyc New York media tabloid anchors shame

on you, puts you in the hall of shame

ABOUT ARNOLD DIAZ  Shame, Shame, Shame

      NEWS_PAPARAZZI_NY_New_York_Media_Tabloid_News_Anchors_Shame_ Shame_Shame

THE WESTCHESTER NEWS  SHAME SHAME SHAME NY new york media tabloid anchors Shame Shame Shame: NEWS PAPARAZZI The Westchester News, “Experience it for yourself.” we are here to stay, and this is the way news should be told, but unfortunately,  it’s not,  it seems that telling the truth is a crime when politicians, corporations and the rich are breaking passing “the who do you know law” around like candy at a party, the lawmakers, news Directors, Publishers and Editors will not allow the truth to be told in their newsrooms because it would interfere with their advertising departments and their advertisers, it’s a conflict of interest, even if their advertisers are screwing the consumers, they will keep it hush, hush, hush.

NEWS_PAPARAZZI_NY_New_York_Media_Tabloid_News_Anchors_Shame_ Shame_Shame  


“Arnold Diaz is Barbara Ricci’s mentor, she’s a chip off the old block, the only difference between Arnold and Barbara is, she can run a little faster than him.”

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