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The United States has become a 3rd world country like Tunisia, our unemployment rates are skyrocketing and home foreclosures topped one million in 2010, working class Americans are growing more desperate by the day like these protesters in Tunisia.

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Who is responsible for the deterioration of America?

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The National News Media and these Politicians across the United States are blowing this shooting out of proportion.


It’s a disgrace, that the Working Class has to pay for all this and when they are in need themselves they get nothing in return, nothing.  When the working class gets laid off or fired and has to sign up for unemployment, the government makes them have a waiting week, which means they have to wait two weeks before they get a check.  Then, if they don’t have a computer to sign up they are really screwed because it takes forever to get through on the phone just to ask a question, they give them the run around, and they end up having to call back over and over and over again.

The most someone can receive on unemployment is $405.00 a week to pay all their living expenses, and they get nothing more, not one penny.  The government tells them they’re not qualified for food stamps or a discount from Con Edison or a free bus pass or free education or discount car insurance or free baby food or free rent, no that’s only for the illegal immigrants or the section 8 or convicts who never worked a day in their lives.

Does the government think they’ll get this economy started again by giving the working class $405.00 dollars a week to pay their living expenses?  That is ridiculous, just the Con Edison bill is $450.00, then there’s the car payment, gas, car insurance, grocery bill, laundry, clothing and cable, phone, and don’t forget they need the internet, so they can sign up for unemployment.

These Politicians are not doing there job for the American people, they just continue to ignore the desperate cries of the people.  People are snapping because they are at their wits end, they’re out there robbing banks and going on shooting sprees because the government is not listening to the needs of the people.  The working class should receive substantial benefits for living expenses equivalent to their salaries and lifestyles, not $405.00.

The Working Class is ashamed to let anyone know that they can’t put food on their table or gas in there cars, they are ashamed because they worked their entire lives and now they have nothing and no where to turn because everyone they know is in the same position, unemployed and basically homeless swatting in their homes because they can’t afford to pay their mortgages, it’s really sad.

Most of the working class who are struggling are children of world II veterans and some are veterans who fought for this country and our freedom, said a close source.  In San Diego, California alone there are 10,000 United States veterans living on the streets there, they’re homeless.  These are 10,000 Americans homeless, here and now, and our government knows that and does nothing about it.  They worry about the people in Haiti and africa, and send millions of our American dollars over there.

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